A new product for your protection that combines smart design and comfort with reducing environmental waste!

Innovative solutions to help us all through difficult times. 100% conceived and manufactured in Germany! Reusable half masks with exchangeable filters were previously only available for industrial applications and are generally not suitable for everyday use. Our mask is light, effective and fashionable and is suitable for every day and every place.

Highlights and product information:

The filter performance
Our exchangeable filter pads are constructed in 3 layers. The SMS structure (= spunbond + meltblown + spunbond) of the nonwoven material is certified by DIN EN 143 offering an FFP2 level of protection.

The pads filter at least 94% of the airborne particles down to a size of 0.6 μm.

The useful life of a filter pad depends on many factors. If you wear your mask for several hours every day and meet a lot of people, we recommend changing the filter daily. If you only put the mask on 2-3 times a week for an hour to go shopping, you can use the filter for up to 1 week.

Cleaning instructions

(1) Before cleaning the mask, the hands must also be cleaned and disinfected (2) Remove the filter pad before you start. (3) The mask can be assembled (without filter) and cleaned. Alternatively, the individual parts can also be cleaned separately. (4) Simply clean the mask or the individual parts thoroughly with hot water and soap. (5) Disinfection can be carried out with commercially available disinfectants. (6) After cleaning / disinfecting, rinse off the mask and accessories with clean water. (7) Let everything dry at room temperature. (8) We recommend cleaning the mask after each use!

The fit

The TPE Protect mask follows the "One Size Fits Most" principle. Please take a look at our illustration on the right to understand the size of the mask (width 12.2 cm; height 11.9 cm). Then check whether it is suitable for your face. Most face sizes and shapes are covered very well to well with the mask. If the straps supplied are too big for you, try to attach them crosswise to the back of the head, so simply put the upper straps in the neck and pull the lower straps upwards. Alternatively, you can shorten the straps with a knot.

Assembly instructions

(1) Place the valve or the sealing cap in the middle of the opening provided and press it into place. (2) Place the filter pad from behind in the area marked for it in the mask. (3) Place the grid on the filter pad and fix the filter with it. Make sure that the filter and grid are in the marked area and that the side of the grid with the inscription "TOP" is facing up. (4) Close the parts with the twist lock by pushing the lock into the round opening from the inside with a little pressure and turning it in the "CLOSE" direction. (5) Finally, the two rubber bands are inserted. A ribbon is threaded into the top two holes and one into the bottom two holes. To do this, simply push the end pieces through the holes and carefully tighten.

The flexible structure
You decide whether you assemble your mask with the optionally available valve (1) or the supplied cover cap (2). As required, simple and flexible.

When the cap is installed, the mask provides bidirectional protection. The user and the environment are therefore protected.

Alternatively, in situations where only the user needs protection, the exhalation valve can be installed reducing the overall breathing effort.

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